CCCDP Partners with Community to Beautify Pearl Street Headquarters!

On May 24th, 16 students from the Sturgis Charter School donated 4-5 hours of time and hard work to help make our property look beautiful and welcoming for our children and families!

boys and tree limbs

The students painted and planted 6 flower boxes and planted several other annuals around other parts of our front entrance. They dug up and transplanted old bushes, cleared away brush, and planted new items. The amount of work they were able to get done – truly amazing.  Our children, parents and staff are “in awe” with how much of a difference the flowers and landscaping changes make to our overall environment.

Anne and students

In addition to this support, we received flats of annuals donated by Hyannis Country Garden. We also had beautiful walkway stones and pavers donated by Stonewood Products in Harwich. A true community effort for which we are extremely appreciative!