Young Parent Program

Who: Pregnant and parenting teens through age 19

What: Parenting education, support and child care

Becoming a parent when you’re a teen has many challenges and can at times feel overwhelming. We can help you during this important time in the life of your child and your family.

Because finishing high school is so important for your future—and your child’s—our program offers free child care. While you’re in school your child is well cared for by an experienced, well-trained, licensed family child care provider or preschool teacher. You can concentrate on your studies knowing your child is in good hands.

If you’ve finished high school, we can provide free child care—as long as you are working or going to college—until you’re 20 years old.

Attending a monthly support and educational group with other teens will help you become the very best parent that you can be. Parenting and life skills such as budgeting, cooking and nutrition, home and personal safety, health, relationships and more are discussed. Information on housing, education and community resources for you and your child can also be provided.

Our expertise in child development means we can help you with questions that you may have about milestones, sleeping, feeding, toddler behaviors, etc.  In addition, if you have any concerns about your child’s development, referrals to our Early Intervention program can be made in order to possibly provide further support in the home and/or childcare setting.

We’re committed to supporting you in the way you need to be successful in school and at home. Young fathers and grandparents are encouraged to take an active role in the program as well.

You do not have to bear this responsibility alone—we can be there for you and your child!

For more information please call our Young Parent Coordinator at: 508-775-6240.