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Volunteer with Cape Cod Child Development

Volunteers play a special role in the day-to-day program at Cape Cod Child Development. We have volunteer opportunities in our programs across the Cape from Wareham to Dennis Port.  We encourage volunteer-led projects or initiatives. If you have an idea, skill, talent or passion give us a call.  Creativity is greatly appreciated!

A brief description of volunteer opportunities is listed below and a form to complete if you are interested in more information and details about the application process.  Please complete the form and our Volunteer Coordinator, Barbara Robbins, will follow up with you.  Questions? Contact Barbara directly for more information at: 508-775-6240, Ext. 108, or email her at brobbins@cccdp.org .

Male volunteers strongly encouraged to apply. Students and Interns are also welcome to contact us. And we are always looking for volunteers who speak Spanish, Portuguese or other languages! We would love to welcome you to our outstanding family of CCCDP Volunteers!!

  1. Read to Me Program- We Need Readers!!

Do you love to read? Spending time over the pages of books with preschoolers helps them learn to recognize letters, understand that print represents the spoken word, how to hold a book, turn the pages and start at the beginning. Simple accomplishments, yet emergent literacy skills necessary for later success in reading. The essence of Read To Me! is one adult reading aloud to one child. A group of volunteers, men and women, visit a school twice a month from October through May. Each volunteer meets with the same child on each visit and reads with them for 30 minutes giving that child their undivided attention and establishing a relationship.

read to me male

Current Programs:

West Yarmouth; 367 Route 28

Dennisport-187 Depot Street, VIC Hall

Bourne/Sandwich- 90 Adams Street

Falmouth-704 Main Street, Unit B

Developing Programs:

Wareham/Onset-314 Onset Avenue; Readers needed!

Hyannis-83 Pearl Street; We hope to begin a program in Hyannis this year and we need readers!

Check out our Read to me video HERE

Quotes from Read to Me program volunteers….

“What a rewarding experience this has been. At the beginning of the year I was reading to a wiggly three year old who could hardly sit still. By May, he was engaged and interested, eagerly turning each page to see what was going to happen next.”

 “The painfully shy or super rambunctious child is always the most challenging…but eventually the most rewarding. To catch an over-energized child’s attention and pull him/her into the book despite the surrounding distractions, is a wonderful feeling. So is the thrill of getting a sad or hesitant child to get lost in a book and come out of his/her shell.”

 “My own grandchildren live far from us, so I have appropriated my “readers” to give me time with the little ones. It’s MAGIC!!”

 “There is wonderful energy that I pick up on in the preschool. Being surrounded by so many precious children and the wonderful staff enriches my soul. At the end of the reading session, I am walking on air!”

 “This has been as wonderful an experience as I have ever enjoyed! The children clearly enjoy being read to as I did as a child. A very important time in a young life….”

 “A usual, getting to know the children and see their progress during the year is the motivation to keep going. I really feel we do make a difference.”GROUP

  1. Ongoing classroom volunteer- Can you spare a day or two a week?

Our teachers are always in need of an extra pair of hands to do a variety of activities.  Can you commit to at least one day per week to do any of the following:  Read to a child, play games, play outside, color, sing songs, etc., or be an office helper-laminating, photocopying, filing, data entry, etc. Can’t make an ongoing commitment? Then join our call list for one-time opportunities and special events!!  Our children love visitors!

  1. Special Talents or Skills? Bring them to us! Share your talent and watch the fascination on their little faces !

Sports Enthusiast-Teach a new sport or be a sports buddy to a child in need.  i.e., Play toss for 20 minutes a week; of great value to children with no male role model in the home.

Artist– Bring in different types of art to show or have the children create something of their own!

Musician– It’s always a joy to see children experience music! Share yours with us.

Ocean explorer– Cape Cod is a special place. Help our children learn about their remarkable environment.

Pet expert– Turtles, Rabbits or Hamsters-Oh My! Capture their fascination with friendly creatures.

Cook- Are you the kind of creative cook that makes yummy snacks without an oven? All our kids love to eat and learning about cooking is a real treat!

       4. Leadership/Management Assistance? Your time and talent could be a great help to our team.

  • Join a Committee
  • Be a Board Member
  • Offer a training session
  1. Landscaping or Gardening- Do you have a green thumb? Or just like to dig?

One of the challenges of our organization is the maintenance of our multiple facilities. In addition to some typical “fix-up” projects, we need help presenting a welcoming entrance to our facilities by adding flowers, plants or new beds. Do you enjoy any of the following?

Landscaping- general clean-up; beautification

Gardening- flowers or vegetables

Carpentry projects; painting

General Maintenance

 Call our agency Volunteer Coordinator, Barbara Robbins for more information at 508-775-6240 or 800-974-8860. Or email her at brobbins@cccdp.org




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